How To Get Rid Of Insects On Plants That Will Be Moved Inside For The Winter?

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It's almost time to move some plants inside. How can I do this without bringing in "outdoor wildlife"?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Maria-To protect from bringing insects indoors you can spray for any that might be present while the plants are still outdoors. It is best to spray with a couple of applications of insecticidal soaps 5 to 7 days apart. This will help to get rid of any possible recently hatched eggs as well as the adult pests. Depending on where you live this should all be done a few weeks prior to the time you usually get your first sign of frost. Besides insecticidal soaps you can also use products containing Neem Oil as this will not only help control most pest problelms, but most fungal problems that may exist on your plants. Both these products are safe also around children and pets. Check with your better nurseries to see what products they have and recommend.

Before bringing in for the winter cut away and dead or dying leaves and steams. If any growth is extremely overgrown you can prune back some, but lightly. Too heavy a pruning or repotting at this time can encourage new growth. The winter months is a time of rest for most plants that grow outdoors so we just want to keep them safe until spring when you can do any pruning and repotting. Be sure to keep them moist not wet as pots can dry out quickly in heated homes. Also give them as much light as possible as they are used to direct sunlight or filtered sunlight outdoors.

Hope this helps.


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