How To Transplant A Large Or Full Grown Contorted Filbert

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I would like to move a full grown Contorted Filbert tree in my yard and I'm wondering what the root structure is like. This is not something I want to start if the roots are going to be 6 feet deep and wide. Could someone please advise?
Thank you!

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Wendy,

Contorted Filbert grow to a mature height of at least 8-10 feet, and the same in width.

Root systems usually grow as wide as the drip line or the farthest out branch tips. This means that the root system will be 8-10 feet in width. The root system should not go nearly that deep. It all depends on the soil conditions.

The Contorted Filbert can be transplanted, however, will need to be pruned back by at least one third or more to compensate for root loss. If half of the root system is lost after digging the tree, you will need to prune the tree back to half of it's original size.

Hiring a professional with a tree digging spade is perhaps the best solution. The tree spade will save more of the root system and the tree can be easily moved to it's new location.

Use a root stimulator product when transplanting. This will promote the rapid growth of new feeder roots and thus, aid in the recovery of the damaged root system. Root stimulator should be available at your local independent nursery.

Hope this helps you in making the decision of whether or not to transplant.

Brooks Wilson))

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Answer #2 · Dr. Chris Hafner's Answer · Great answer!)

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