Where Can I Purchase Large Wooden Tree Boxes?

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I am looking for square or octagonal wood tree boxes. Pictured below is the style of container I am searching for. The one pictured I believe is a 15 inch. I would like to find larger ones that are possibly 18 to 24 inches diagonally. Any information as to a manufacturer or supplier of this style box would be appreciated. Either assembled boxes or knock downs would be fine. There are many decorative wood planters, but I am looking for the strength and longevity of these tree boxes used by commercial growers. There are many wood containers available, but would like to find this style if possible as they work well and look nice spotted in amongst the foliage throughout my gardens.

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Answer #2 · Gardenality.com's Answer · Hi John,

I did a search on the wooden box planters and came up empty. We don't buy from any Jap. Maple growers that grow them in wooden boxes. It's all plastic out our way. It's probably a good idea to call a Jap. Maple grower out in California and see if they will give you their source.

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Answer #1 · Gardenality.com's Answer · Hi John,

Here's a few places I found online.



You may have already checked online and found these. I don't know of anywhere land based to find them.


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Thanks Brooks-I have looked at these wood planter boxes, but they are expensive as I will probably need ten or so of them. They are also a little nicer than I need sitting them thoughout my gardens where the rain and sprinklers can wet them. The commercial growing boxes seem to be stronger and the more weather worn or rustic look blends well sitting in the gardens where I don't have to worry about them. A few of my japanese maples I picked up the last few years came in them. I have moved these maples up in container size this year, but would like to put these back into larger boxes instead of the decorative heavy ceramic and plastic containers. I am trying to find the growers where these maples came from. Hopefully they can tell me who the manufacturers are of these commercial tree boxes.

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