Where Is The Usda Plant Hardiness Zone Map In Gardenality?

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Where can I find a zone map to determine what plants are best for my area?

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2 Answers

Answer #2 · Gardenality.com's Answer · If you want to change the Zone that shows up under your name wherever it appears in Gardenality follow these instructions:

1 - When you are logged in, click on the My Garden tab in the top right corner of any page in Gardenality.

2- When in your profile, click on the My Profile & Account tab.

3 - Then click on the Manage My Account Link

4 - Then you should see the My Zone field where you can click on the down arrow to then select your zone.

5 - Then click the Save button and your done.

Now everybody will know what zone you're in!)

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Glenda-At the top and to the right of any page in Gardenality you will see 'Hardiness Zones' next to 'Logout'. Just click on this and you will see the Hardiness zone map. I also noted the link to the USDA site below. Just click on this link to go to the site. There you can find your hardiness zone by entering in your Zip Code.



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