Pruning A Scuppernog Vine Over An Arbor

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I have a scuppernog vine that is very old and big. It is over a arbor that is about 12x13' How do I prune it. I can't do the top with out climb on it or through it. Need help on where and how to prune it.
Lewis starrett Thank you for an answer
I am in north augusta sc

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Lewis-The muscadine and Scuppernog vines need to be pruned yearly to keep within bounds and for good fruit production. Fruit develops on the current years new growth so old wood needs to be removes. It sounds as though your vine is extremely overgrown and needs a good rejuvenation pruning. You can start from scratch and cut the vine all the way back to the original trunk with drastic pruning. Scuppernog grapevines are tough and most will survive the shock. After this keeping it within a desired size each year will be easy.

I noted a link below to an article in Gardenality on pruing this vine. Just click on the link to go directly to the article. I also included a North Carolina State University link that gives you information and a picture of an old overgrown vine and a picture that will give you an idea as to how drastic a pruning you can do.

Hope this helps.


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