Mystery Plant Identification, Please

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I was wondering if someone could help me identify this plant/flower. I am in Orlando, zone 9B. A neighbor gave me some small-sized seeds before she moved away. All I knew is that they were supposed to do best in the shade. The seeds sprouted well & the plants are now about 4-4.5ft tall. The leaves are large, light/bright green and very soft & velvety, like Lamb's Ear, only lighter. They've been in the ground for about a year & just set their 1st buds which opened to display a yellow flower that looks a bit like an Evening Primrose. They also have developed black seed pods (I think they're seed pods) that look almost like tiny pumpkins. Has anyone seen this before? Many thanks to whoever can help me solve my little mystery. :-)

I have a picture of the plant to post but I'm unsure how to attach it to my question.

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Lauree-Your plant sounds as though it may be a variety of Mallow. A few common names are Chinese Bell Flower, flowering maple, and Indian Mallow. The Indian Mallow (Abutilon fruticosa) has large light green, somewhat heart shaped, velvety leaves, and a yellow flower. The yellow flower does look similar to the primrose, but has 5 petals. The seed pod could look like a small pumpkin prior to opening.

I posted a few pictures below of the Indian Mallow. Below your question and to the right of your name next to Edit Your Question you will see where you can upload your pictures.


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Answer #2 · Lauree Little's Answer · Good Afternoon, John,

Thank you so much for your response! :-) Yay, you're right about the plant! I'd thought the flowers resembled mallows but all my research was returning "weeds" & I felt the plant had no apparent negative qualities. I'm both happy & relieved that I have a proper plant in a proper place. Now that I know what it is, I can properly care for it too. This one really had me stumped, so I'm very appreciative of your help. Now, how may I convey my thanks in return? May I offer good pics of the plant for the database or anything? I have quality equipment & could shoot to spec, if desired. The folks here have been so helpful & welcoming, I'd like to return in kind, if I may. Also, thanks for the picture uploading info. Turns out - oddly - that frame on the page was being suppressed by my spam blocker. A classic noob mistake, I should have known better. My apologies. Thanks so much, John, you made my day!



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Maple Tree

Maple Tree · Gardenality Genius · Zone 10A · 30° to 35° F
Lauree-Your'e very welcome. I am more than happy to add this plant to Gardenality's data base, but you may want to do this yourself. Being an Original Planter can not only be fun and rewarding, but gives you a lot of points helping to build your ranking on Gardenality. The pictures of your plant would be great to use on the plant file. You can go to the plants tab at the top of any page and there you will see how to plant or add to the data base. You can google the plant to find information you may need to complete the plants profile or just leave anything you can't find blank. Any member is able to edit a plant file so don't worry about anything left blank. There you will see where you can upload your pictures also. If you plant this plant let me know and I will help with any info you need help with. Oh, if you have pictures of other plants you can also add them to any of the plant files on Gardenality. Many of the files always need more nice pictures and again any thing you do gives you more ranking points.

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