Can A Boxwood In A Container Be Left Outside For The Winter?

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I have two boxwood shrubs in containers. Can I leave them outside in the winter and if so how often do I need to water?

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · Hi Ali,

John gave you a great answer.

I'll just add that all plants in containers, at some point, will become root bound. This means that the root system will grow to a point that it will push most or all of the soil out of the container. When a plant is root bound it will start to show signs of weakness such as thinning and yellowing of the foliage and will need to be transplanted in to a larger container with fresh potting soil and fertilization.

Brooks Wilson))

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Ali-It looks as though you noted your hardiness zone is 6b. Most boxwoods as the American and English boxwoods thrive in hardiness zone 6a to 9. There are other varieties that will survive in cooler climates to 5a. If we know your location I can check and make sure you are in 6b. If you are in 6b you should have no problem. If they are in an area that receives winds during the winter you may want to move them to a more protected area. If you are in a location that gets freezing temperatures the roots can sustain damage much easier in pots than in the ground. If you expect freezing nights keep the plant watered, not dry, as the water around the roots acts as an insulator against freezing.

Boxwoods are a great container plant. They tolerate drought and need very little fertilization. The pot should be almost as wide and tall as the plant itself to survive well for quite awhile. It looks like your plant is doing fine. The most important thing when growing in pots is that the soil mix and pot is well draining. Not sure if the pot your plant in has drain holes in the bottom. It is important for the boxwood not to be growing in saturated soil. Boxwood needs very little water when established, but when watered make sure water runs out the bottom of the container to make sure all soil in the pot has been moistened. Boxwoods I have had in containers only needed one good soaking a week in the summer. In the winter only every other week if there was no rain.

Hope this helped.

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