Should Plastic Be Used Under Mulch Or Stone In A Greenhouse?

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I am building a greenhouse, and I use a layer of much on top of soil. I intent to put flagstone on top of the mulch. Should I also put a sheet of Landscape plastic underneath the mulch?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Jurgen-Are you using the mulch to add nutrients to the soil or as an amendment? Is the flagstone going to cover the whole floor or only as stepping stones?

If you are growing plants in containers then you can use the landscape plastic as a weed barrier that will also keep any pests or diseases from entering your plants from the exposed soil or plant debris. In this case it may be easier to use a layer of sand or gravel over the plastic to set your stones on. Landscape plastic is a nonporous material so any water on the floor will be standing water until able to dry. Landscape fabric is also a good weed barrier, but will allow water penetration and can still be covered with gravel or your stones.

If you will be growing plants in ground in the greenhouse the landscape plastic should only be used for around annual flowers as they are not growing more than one season. Plastic can trap heat which can smother everything underneath it, including the roots of your plants. The plastic will also restrict air and water movement into the soil. Landscape fabrics (available at most good garden centers) act well as weed barriers, are more durable than plastics, and will permit air and water movement into the soil. The landscape fabric also helps to maintain more even soil temperatures than the plastic.

The reason for mulch and the use of landscape plastic or fabric really depends on the use of your greenhouse and wheather you will be growing in containers or in ground.

Hope this helps.


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