Garden Plant Show Conflict In Plant Plan

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How do I find what the conflict is? I tried to print the various plant information to compare, but only the picture of the plant printed. I assume the conflicts have to do with sun, water or soil needs.

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Maple Tree

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Diana-It does appear to be a problem in the program. A bug report was noted and I will contact you when it has been resolved. Thank you for bringing this bug to others attention. John

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Diana-When viewing your gardens, as you have noticed, you may get a yellow flag noting a Cooperability Conflict Was Found. It is noting the number of plants you have in your garden that have a conflict with the Hardiness zone, sun exposure, soil type, soil drainage, or water needs that you have probably noted are characteristics of your location. If you put your cursor on the plant's picture that shows a yellow flag on it you will be told what the conflict is.

When in a plant file you can click on the 'Print' box above the plants picture to print the page. I too noticed I could no longer print the plant file page as I normally have done. I tried several ways to print the page to no avail. I believe this is due to something in the program, new bug, that isn't working properly. If you notice something doesn't look right or isn't working properly in Gardenality you can click on 'My Garden' at the top and to the right of any page. Then click on 'My Profile & Account' then on 'Bug Report'. Under 'Bug Report' you can click on 'Squash A Bug' and note the problem. Gardenality admistrators are always quick to fix any problems noted. I will note this bug with Gardenality's administrators myself also and see if this is infact a problem with the program.

Hope this will answer your question.


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