Is a permit necessary to build a deck?

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Do I have to get a permit from my local building department before beginning construction on a deck I want to build on my home?

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · In most of the states, a permit is required because a deck is considered structural work. If your deck is to be a certain height above the ground, you might be required to submit a copy of the site plan showing the lot, the deck, the position of the house in the lot, and the intended location of the deck. For the exact requirement, you will need to call the building permit office in your area.

I wouldn't start building without first checking to see if the deck you intend to build will require a permit. In some areas of the country, the county might fine you or they will not let you sell your house until all the permits for all the permanent structures are cleared. Obtaining a permit is not that difficult. You can get it yourself or if you're using a licensed contractor he or she can get it for you.)

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