What Is Creeping Raspberry?

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What is creeping raspberry?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Gordon-The Creeping Raspberry (Rubus pentalobus) is a low growing, prostate, groundcover. It has heavily textured green leaves in the summer then the leaves turn to a bronze or redish color in the fall and winter. It gets a small white flower in summer which is sometimes followed by a small red fruit. The flowers are sparse and insignificant and the fruit is edible, but not highly flavored and best left to the birds and other wildlife. This plant is of the same family (Rosaceae) and Genus (rubus), but a different species than the raspberries we think of or see in the grocery stores for fresh eating and culinary uses. This is a nice groundcover in both sun and light shade and works well in landscape beds, formal, and rock gardens.

I noted below the link to the Creeping Raspberry (Rubus pentalobus) plant file in Gardenality. Just click on the link to go directly to the plant file or you can type creeping raspberry in the search box above or under the 'Plants' tab above to go to the plant file. There you will see a picture and other information regarding this plant.


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