How To See Larger Pictures On Plant Files In Gardenality?

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I am logged in. It keeps telling me I must be logged to upload and see pictures. Why won't it let me see the pictures?

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Hi Char - I'm not seeing any pictures either. It's apparent that you are logged in otherwise you could not have posted this question. Let's see if we can figure out why the pictures are not uploading for you. Did you click on the Upload A Picture link to the right of the Edit Your Question link above? Do you know what format you are saving the pictures in before you upload them? At the time, Gardenality only accepts pictures saved in JPEG format, which is the most common format. Also, what browser are you using...Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, or Chrome? Some browsers, especially IE and Mozilla cause problems. I use Chrome and have no problems on any websites. If you can answer these questions we might be able to figure it out. - Brent

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Answer #1 · Char Ferguson's Answer · All I wanted to do is see an enlarged picture. It said to view/upload but I guess I can't just view. I can find other sites to look at pictures of plants I'm interested in without going through all that. Thanks.)

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Oh, just wanted to see the larger pictures on a plant file. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It let us know to take the word "View" out of the phrase. The link you were clicking on is only for uploading pictures to a plant file. Since you brought this to our attention we'll be taking the word "View" out of the phrase. To see a larger picture click on one of the smaller pictures below the main picture.

Here's a link to a page where you can try it out:

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention...have a great day! - Brent

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