Plants And Trees That Will Grow In Boggy Wet Soggy Soils

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Moved to Butts County last summer and have discovered that when it rains, certain areas of the yards (both front and back) tend to pool. Sometimes the driveway is covered in a decent sized puddle of water. The property drains well in just takes time during and after a heavy rainfall. But there are areas where the rainwater just accumulates and other areas where it, literally, "piles up". I am a novice gardener and know very little about landscaping plants so I am interested in knowing if there are plants that can handle a good amount of rainfall and that can address this issue. My lot is 1.5 acres, wooded, and I have a "country" gravel driveway. The front yard is clear but for an area in front that has 8 oak and 1 sweetgum tree...kind of like a little tree island. Or, could it all simply be that the ground is saturated? Either way, any planting idea is a good one. Thanks!

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Answer #2 · Alicia Schneider's Answer · Brent, Thank you very much! This was actually very helpful and, honestly, more information than I thought I would receive. I am grateful for your response. I'm a single mom and I homeschool my last two children so my time is limited during the week but you have motivated me to address this one concern I've had by supplying some great information! Since it's just me, with limited help from family, I will most certainly use your suggestions in the list and devise an attractive, appropriate solution to my problem. I bought this property last May and it was a foreclosure but in decent condition. After completing the majority of the work on the house, I can now direct some confident attention to the yard. I will be busy studying what you provided and coming up with a workable plan. I certainly appreciate the assistance!)

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You're very welcome! Have fun designing your new landscape and let us know anytime you have any questions. We'll be more than happy to provide advice.

One great tool in Gardenality is the Plant Search. Just click on the Plant tab in the main menu at the top of any page and then select Option #2 "Build Your Search." You can narrow down your search for plants by making selections under various tabs. First select your Zone / Temp, which would be zone 8a. Then make selections under Sun Exposure, Soil Moisture, Landscape Uses, etc.. Might take a few minutes to get good at using it but once you do it's a very helpful tool.

You can also use the Create A Garden tool to help plan out gardens you want to plant in your yard. After you put plants in your "virtual garden" the system will tell you if they will work in your garden...based on zone, sun, and soil requirements. Here's a link to an article that provides tips for using Create A Garden:

Have fun!

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Alicia,

I lived in Jackson Georgia back in the 80's. It's a small world.

Regarding the standing water in your yard and landscape. One remedy is regrading these low-lying areas so that they drain properly. Sometimes this is impossible and another alternative is to install drainage that will carry off the excess water.

If neither of those methods will work then you can turn these liabilities into an asset by planting types of plants and trees that like boggy conditions. Keep in mind there isn't a lawn grass I know of that will tolerate constantly soggy soil. Here's a list of a few plants and trees I use in low-lying, boggy areas of my own landscape:

Weeping Willow
Red Maple
Bald Cypress
Upright and Weeping Yaupon

Florida Anise
Summersweet - Clethra
Fothergilla 'Mt Airy'
Deciduous Holly - Winterberry Hollies
Needle Palm

Iris pseudacorus - Yellow Flag Iris
Louisiana Iris - Many varieties
Horsetail Grass - Equisetum hymale
Hardy Hibiscus - I like Swamp and Confederate Rose the best
Bee Balm
Canna Lilies
Hardy Elephant Ears - Many varieties...Diamond Head is my favorite
Juncus Grasses
Sedge Grasses
Acorus Grasses - Sweet Flag
Bog Salvia - great for repelling deer
Calla Lilies
Cardinal Flowers - Lobelia (perennial)
Joe Pye Weed
Mazus - Nice groundcover
Farfugium - Leopard Plant
Turtlehead - Chelone
Mexican Petunia - Ruellia
Rain Lily
Swamp Sunflower
Bignonia Vine
Obedient Plant

You take just one word out of any of the names above and put them in the search at the top of this page to find the Plant File where you will find more details and pictures of these plants.

Hope this list was helpful!

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