Growing Roses in Containers

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Im older now and just cant work out in the garden like I used to. I love roses. What are the best type of roses I can grow in containers and what types of containers work best for growing roses?

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · You can grow just about any type of rose in a container provided the pot is large enough and you use the right type of soil mixture. With alot of attention to care and maintenance even the Hybrid Tea roses can be grown in containers. Knock Out roses are the easiest rose to grow...anybody can grow them...and they do good in containers. Some other roses that are easy to grow in containers are the new series of Drift Roses.

When planting roses in containers, make sure use a good professional potting mix that will hold moisture evenly. You can always mix in cheaper grade potting "soil" to heavy the mixture up a little if necessary, and small amounts of beneficial organic composts as well. Make sure the container has holes to provide adequate drainage. Roses do not like wet feet!)

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