Will Dipladenia Or Mandevilla Flowers Attract And Feed Hummingbirds

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will a dipladenia or mandevilla plant attract hummingbirds ?

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Answer #1 · Gardenality.com's Answer · Hi Elaine - Both Dipladenia and Mandevilla will not only attract hummingbirds but they'll feed from it as well. In areas north of USDA Zone 9 these vines are annuals, meaning they won't survive the winter outdoors. In zones 8 and further north they can be planted in containers and overwintered indoors.

If you're looking for a good, hardy, perennial flowering vine to attract and feed hummingbirds check out the Campsis vines (Trumpet Vines), trumpet honeysuckles (come in various colors) and Bignonia (Crossvine). Here in Zone 8 of mid-Georgia, the Campsis, particularly 'Madame Galen', has a long flowering period: from mid summer well into fall. Trumpet honeysuckles have a long flowering period as well, starting in spring and off and on through the season. The Bignonia flowers spectacularly in spring and might repeat later in the season.

Campsis 'Madame Galen' - http://www.gardenality.com/Plants/355/Vine-Plants/Madame-Galen-Trumpet-Vine.html

Red Trumpet Honeysuckle - http://www.gardenality.com/Plants/745/Vine-Plants/Red-Trumpet-Honeysuckle.html

Bognonia 'Tangerine Beauty' - http://www.gardenality.com/Plants/827/Vine-Plants/Tangerine-Beauty-Bignonia.html

If you're looking for other good hummingbird attracting perennial plants Black and Blue or Hot Lips Salvia are a couple sure to attract lots of hummingbirds.

Black & Blue Salvia - http://www.gardenality.com/Plants/55/Perennial-Plants/Black-And-Blue-Salvia.html

Hot Lips Salvia - http://www.gardenality.com/Plants/1682/Perennial-Plants/Hot-Lips-Salvia.html

Hope this info was helpful and let us know if you need more details or have any further questions.


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