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We just finished installing a play ground set for our kids in the backyard. What is the best type of mulch to use in the play area?

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · As someone in the business of selling landscape mulch all over the country, I would suggest using a wood mulch. If you can find cypress or some other kind of wood mulch designed for play areas this is what I would recommend. Our company sells several types of "certified" playground mulches. When installed at the proper depth (usually 6" depth or more) these playground mulches will provide the best shock absorption if your children happen to fall from the play set.
Not sure if you built a border around the play area, but this would help to hold in the mulch. You can use landscape timbers or rubber borders designed specifically for play areas to build a border. You can drill holes in the timbers and use short sections of rebar driven through and into the ground to secure the border. If you use lumber, think about putting something thick and soft on top to protect against falls...maybe something like is used on trampolines? Avoid using railroad cross ties for borders as the tar substance on these is highly toxic and will burn the skin.)

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