Easiest Method For Making Pottery

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I want to get into making my own pottery to plant flowers in. What is the easiest method for making pottery?

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Answer #1 · Chason Arthur's Answer · There are several easy methods for making pottery. Here's a few:
Pinch Pots - Perhaps the easiest way to make pottery is to create a pinch pot. A pinch pot can be made by simply kneading a small lump of clay and then pressing it into the shape of a pot, dish, bowl or cup. This method is great for beginners of all ages. One technique that helps make decent-looking pinch pots is to begin with a uniform ball and then press your thumbs into the clay and work your way out.
Coil Pots - Another way to make pottery that is easy is to use coils. Coils are made up of snakelike cylinder coils of clay. You can create these by rolling clay in your hands repeatedly until you make a long coil. Create long lengths of coil that are just a bit thicker than your average pencil. To create pottery using this method, roll the coil on top of itself so that you create a cup or pot shape. Scrape the inside and outside of the coils smooth so that the walls of the pot are sealed and the object looks smooth.
Potter's Wheel - One of the more difficult but rewarding ways to make pottery is to use a potter's wheel. A potter's wheel uses centripetal force to create uniform-looking ceramics. A potter takes a lump of clay that has been kneaded and places it in the center of the wheel and then forms a cone shape with it. While the wheel is spinning, the potter wets hands and begins to shape the object by applying pressure to the sides and top of the cone. The potter can then open a hole with the thumb or finger while the pot is spinning to create the inside of the item.)

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