Will A Scuppernong Vine Pollinate A Muscadine Vine?

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I have a scuppernong vine growing and producing. If I plant a muscadine vine near the scuppernong, will the scuppernong vine pollinate the muscadine vine so it will produce also?

usatbp@isp.com in East Tennessee.

Thank You Bob Cantrell

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Answer #1 · Gardenality.com's Answer · Hi Bob - Essentially, except for variations in fruit color, muscadines and scuppernongs are the same plant. This means they can be cared for the same way and will coexist together in the garden.

Depending on the variety/cultivar, some muscadines are self-fertile - containing both the male and female parts on the flowers, while others, such as the "scuppernong" varieties, are only female...meaning they will require a self-pollinating variety planted nearby in order to produce fruit.

If you have a scuppernong planted that is producing there must be a pollinator nearby...even if in the wild. Do you know the variety names of the plants you have?


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