Will Birds Eat Berries On Upright Yaupon Hollies

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why didn't the birds eat the berries on my upright yaupon holly?

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Answer #1 · Gardenality.com's Answer · Hi Karl - The latin or scientific name of the upright yaupon holly is Ilex "vomitoria." The clue to why the birds might not have eaten the berries is in the scientific name "vomitoria." The only time birds will eat these berries is if and when they become sick to their stomach and feel the need to throw up...vomit...regurgitate...whatever you want to call it. If you see a bird eating the berries you know they are probably sick. So, these berries might not be a good food source for birds but they still have a good purpose...not to mention they are attractive in the garden.

Very cute dog you have there. I'm a dog lover myself and have two chihuahuas. You can see a picture of one of them here:


As you can see, he's a big help in the garden:-)

Let us know if you have any other questions.


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Brent's answer was interesting as to why birds only eat the berries when their stomachs are upset. It reminds me how many animals, in particular our dogs, eat grass when they are sick or have upset stomacks. I found that the berries are the poisonous part of the plant for humans. The toxicity if eaten is considered low and will only cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. That doesn't register as low in my book, but I guess there are much worst things that could happen such as curbing my appetite. I also found there are some mammals that eat the fruit. Hopefully you don't have any nine-banded armadillos, American black bears, gray fox, raccoons and skunks around.

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