How to make a wood fan trellis??

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Im looking for ideas on how to make a wooden trellis that I can against my house to grow a jasmine vine on?

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You can build a wood fan trellis with nothing more than a stick of 2x4 and a 1x1 or 1x2 that is used for cross strips. Cedar lumber works best. Make sure to use a knot-free pice of lumber. The 2x4 can be 6' or more in length depending on the height you want the trellis to be.

To make the trellis, simply draw a horizontal line 18-24 inches from what will be the bottom of the trellis. Then draw 2 straight lines, equally spaced, vertically down the stick of lumber. These lines will represent the fan arms of your trellis. 

Then, using a ciruclar saw, table saw or jig saw, cut down these lines from the top of what will be the trellis stopping at the horizontal line you drew towards the bottom of the board. 

Then, spread the two outside fan arms at the top of the trellis apart to see how far they will go. You can do this on top of a piece of plywood and then drive nails in beside the fans to keep the trellis fan arms spread open.

Then, cut a cross strip from the 1x2 (or 1x1) that will be attached to the fan arms to hold them in place at a distance of about a foot below the top of the trellis. Cut another strip that will go 12 to 15" below the first strip. How many cross strips you will use will depend on the height of your trellis. Attach cross strips to fan arms using thin wood screws. Since you will be dealing with thin strips of wood, it is best to pre-drill holes and then install screws to avoid splitting.

If you will be burying the bottom of the post underneath ground, it might be a good idea to paint a coat of special tar mix that is used to coat concrete walls below grade before backfilling. Most times it is brushed on then heavy plastic sheeting is stuck to the tar to provide additional waterproofing.

Now your trellis is ready! Hope this info helped.)

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