Best type of tall landscape retaining wall?

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Ive got this huge hill that comes down from the side yard to in front of my house. From the street, it looks like a mountain is blocking off half the view of our home. I want to chop half the mlountain off and put up a retaining wall. The wall will have to be about 10 high or more. What kind of wall would be best for this?

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It sounds like you've literally got a mountain to move...or at least half a mountain! I'd heavily suggest contacting a professional landscape design-build firm or hardscape contractor who has a lot of experience dealing with walls of this height that will need to bear this much of a load.

These types of walls will often require pouring a heavily reinforced concrete wall behind what will be the facing of the wall. The facing of the wall can be built from any type of stone that is typically used to build walls.

Several years ago my company designed a large wall that was about 12' high and about 60' in length. The client wanted his concrete driveway removed and replaced with pavers so we used the large chunks of the driveway as the facing for the wall, leaving the rough edges exposed for view. Sounds like it would be ugly, right? Actually, it came out looking great and the client was 100% satisfied.)

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