Best Nut And Fruit Trees For The High Desert Area Of Arizona Zone 8

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I am trying to find out what are the best nut and fruit trees for my area. I live in a zone 8a area. High desert of SE Arizona. We live above the 4,100ft level which gives the cooler nights and hot days in the summer. I would appreciate any help. I know that because of the location, I am limited to what would be best. I want to plant pecan, almond, walnut, apple, pear, plum, apricot, and peach.

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Kathleen,

I usually answer questions using my own base of knowledge. I live in Zone 8A in North Georgia and could answer the question based on what fruit and nut trees we grow here, however, given your particular climate I would rather give you information that suits your area of the country. Here's a link that I found for you:

If you have already been to this site I'm sure someone else will see your question that knows more than I about what will perform best in your area.

Hope this helps!

Brooks Wilson:))

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Answer #3 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Kathleen-I also wasn't sure as to the fruit trees that would do well in your climate. I live in 9b-10a, but at an altitude of about 2000 feet. I know altitude can make quite a difference in the severity of the suns heat. I found a few sites that may be of some help to you. I looked for sites regarding your climate and found a few good ones that included fruits for your climate and chilling requirements and what areas of Arizona meet these requirements. The southeast area of arizona seems to have several zones that make a difference in fruit production. Your Arizona Cooperative Extension seems to have a lot of information regarding fruit and nut trees. Hopefully the links to sites I noted below will help. Just click on these links to go directly to the sites. You may want to contact your local county extension service also as they would most likely be a lot of help in your choices of trees for your location.

Hopefully this will be of some help.


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Answer #2 · Kathleen L'Ecluse's Answer · Thank you Brook ... I will certainly check out the site you provided. This is all new for me. I have always been an avid gardener, but never in the desert, and I want to do what will be best here. I know that common sense says that a lot of the things should be shaded from the hot afternoon sun. I have had strawberries in since last year, and have grown them this way, where they are sheltered by the house from the hot sun and they are growing very well. I am thinking of growing in raised beds and having my nut and fruit trees and grape vines planted so they give shade to the garden area. Again thanks for the site to go to. An Avid Gardener, Kathleen)

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