Will A Retaining Wall Backfilled With Soil Close To The Home Cause Problems With The Foundation?

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Hi , This is Rajesh from india , my question is i have planted few hibiscus plant near my compound wall , this wall is 3 feet away from the house foundation , since i water the plants daily will my house foundation get damaged ....

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Answer #1 · Gardenality.com's Answer · Hi Rajesh - Im not familiar with the term "compound wall" but am thinking it refers to what I call a "retaining wall," which is a wall that is constructed from some type of stone, wood or other materials that serves to retain or hold soil above the ground level? When these walls are built close to the foundation of a home, there usually isn't a problem with water if the foundation wall of the home is solid with no cracks or was sealed in some way to keep water from passing through into the home. Whenever I will be putting soil up against the foundation wall of a home I usually use a waterproof sealer in any cracks and then use heavy plastic sheeting against the wall to prevent moisture from passing through.

If you haven't notice any water passing through into the home you should be okay. If there is a crawl space (open space) between the ground and the floor under your home, I would go under there and check to make sure no water is making it through. You wouldn't want puddles of water collecting under your home - it could become stagnant and cause mold and mildew to form. I had this problem last year with my home and had to install gutters on the sides of my home to collect water and move it away from the foundation. After doing so the water no longer found its way under my home.

Hope this info was helpful. If you need more details or have any other questions let us know.


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Answer #2 · Rajesh Kumar's Answer · thanks brent it was really useful...)

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