Can You Give Me Information On Spittlebug Insects?

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tell me more about this insect please

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Lori - Spittlebugs, or two-lined spittlebugs, are small, black insects with stripes on the wings. They usually show up in lawns and landscapes from June through late summer into early fall. They are fairly easy to spot because they jump and fly around when you walk or spray water on the lawn. Also, when the small nymphs hatch from eggs and start eating they cover themselves in a froth of tiny bubbles that looks like spit, hence the name. This spit-like substance protects nymphs from drying out. It also makes it hard for predators and parasites to find them. I've uploaded a picture so you and others can see what they look like.

If left untreated, spittlebugs can infest and do serious damage to a lawn, even killing it. Here in the South, they especially like Zoyisa, St. Augustine, Bermuda and Centipede grasses. Infestations usually occur when there's been a rainy summer and thatch has built up in the lawn. There are steps one can take to prevent spittlebug infestations however, when bugs are already present, it might be necessary to take steps to eradicate them chemically. Rather than go into details here I've provided a link to an article here in Gardenality that provides information on the topic.

Let us know if you need more details or have any other questions.


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