Garden Management "System"?

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Does anybody know of a website or program designed to help track plant maintenance? I'm picturing something like a spreadsheet with rows for the plant name and columns for spring care, fall care, type of care i.e. fertilize, prune, divide, etc. Sure, I could create a spreadsheet or keep a notebook but maybe there's something already out there I could just plug into.

This is a marvelous website!

Michelle N

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Hi Michelle - This is a great question, and thanks for your compliment about Gardenality being a great website.

Team Gardenality is working on a system right now to make what you've asked about happen in a spreadsheet type of way. When the spreadsheet / calendar is filled out with dates to perform specific care tasks it will then automatically send you a reminder to let you know it's time to feed or prune a specific plant. I'll update this question and we'll be sending out a notification to all members when the program has been launched.

For now, you can use the Create A Garden system here in Gardenality. This system allows you to create and name an existing garden that is growing in your landscape, or you can create a garden that you want to plant in the future. What's really neat is that the system can tell you wether or not the plants you added to your garden will work in your garden based upon cold hardiness, sun exposure, and soil moisture/drainage. After you've created a garden you can access it at any time through your Gardenality profile, and the click on any plants within it to see their Gardenality Plant File, which may or may not contain instructions for care. Members add these instructions for planting, pruning, feeding and pest and disease control, so not all plant files have them. But any member can add these instructions to a plant file at any time.

To find instructions for using the Create A Garden system type the word "Create" in the search at the top of this page and be sure to make it an "Article" search.

All this being said, Ive been using Google Docs to make spreadsheets for projects. You need a Google Gmail account to use the system, and its free. You could set up a spreadsheet and make columns for the various care needs: pruning time, feeding time, watering needs, insect or disease problems to watch for, etc.. Then you would have to do some research to gather specific care instructions and dates times to perform them in your specific area or zone. You can share these Google Docs with others who can then edit or update them.

In the meantime, let us know if you have any other ideas as to specific things you and others might want to see in a system such as you have asked about. We're all ears and will do our best to include any and all ideas from our members.

Also let us know of any other ideas, suggestions or questions you might have in the future.

Thanks again!

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Answer #2 · Michelle Noevere's Answer · Brent, you've described, for the most part, what I had in mind though I didn't articulate it in my original e-mail. Some kind of user interface in which you type in the plant, seasonal fertilization/pruning/division etc. needs and dates; ongoing maintenance i.e. fertilization, pruning etc. schedule and the dates, with the user input then being presented, as you mentioned, in the form of a spreadsheet or calendar with check-off boxes as the tasks are performed. The smarter the system, the better, with a database or wiki of info and how-to's. When I had just a few beds I could keep all this information and a mental check-off in my head but since spending the last 4 summers landscaping the sloped 8' foundation under a 40'X20' addition to our home with 100+ plants, I need a better method!

If you want to get really fancy, the ability to create visuals like a chart or diagram of all your beds with the plant names would be great. and a .jpg loading feature to upload pics of your plants would be nice.

I'll be on the lookout for the Gardenality program and in the meantime I'll check out Create A Garden. Thank you for your reply!


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Thanks for all the details! We'll definitely use these in our maintenance calendar system. In the Create A Garden system you can catalog all the plants in a garden and then upload as many pictures as you like to that garden. It would be nice to have a tool that would allow one to map or draw out a garden or landscape bed. Several of us use CAD when designing for clients, but we haven't quite figured out how this could be done online in a way that would be easy for most to use. If you run across any other website that has a system like this do let us know and we'll take a close look at it, and add something similar to Gardenality. So far, most of the systems in Gardenality, such as Create A Garden and the "Cooperability" system within it, we're entirely our own designs.

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