Do Abyssinian Bananas Taste Good And When Is Best Time To Plant?

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Do they taste good, or just for looks? When is the best time to plant the Abyssinian Banana?

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Abyssinian Bananas are known to taste good. I haven't had one, but from everything I've heard and read they taste just as good if not better than the yellow banana. Softer and sweeter than the yellow banana.

Depending on what USDA Hardiness Zone that you live will determine the best time to plant them. In Zones where the temps get below freezing in the winter mid to late spring would be the best time to plant. In areas where the temps are warmer, above freezing, through the winter the Abyssinian Banana can be planted any time of year. Keep in mind that bananas won't fully develop in colder climates. They need 9-11 months of warm temperatures for the fruit to set and fully mature.

Here's a link to the Gardenality plant page for Abyssinian Banana:

Hope this helps you!

Brooks Wilson)

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Yeah, anything north of zone 9B and they probably won't produce fruit.

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