Orange Oil Usuage In Gardens And On Fire Ants And Other Insects

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I was looking for any articles related to using orange oil in our gardens. I heard that it also works great on fire ants. Any suggestions?

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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · Hi Rafael - Our nursery sells a product called Orange Guard but fire ants are not listed on the label. To kill fire ants, I use a product made by Fertilome called Come & Get It Fire Ant Killer. It kills the queen and the entire mound in less than 24 hours. It contains Spinosad, which is biologically derived from the fermentation of Saccropolyspora spinosa, a naturally occuring soil organism. Spinosad is classified as an organic substance by the USDA National Organic Standards Board. Here's a link to the product label.

Hope this was helpful.


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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Rafael-For years many of us have used products containing orange oils as houshold cleaners but this oil has been used as an effective insecticide also. Orange oil is technically called d-limonene and is the result of crushing and extracting the contents of the orange's rind. The oil's enzymes and natural acids through research appear to have beneficial results used as an insecticide to control several insects including the fire ant. It supposedly dissolves their exoskeletons. Studies have shown the orange oil to be effective in killing fire ant colonies if the solution reaches the queen which distroys the mound for good. There are many recipies that can be found on the net showing how to make your own insecticide from orange oil. I'm not sure how effective these homemade remedies are in comparison to the commercially developed products containing d-limonene are. The process in extracting the solution commercially by cold pressing is different than extracting the solution by boiling in the home remedies. A few products I was able to find that contained d-limonene were Safer Fire Ant Killer and Concern Citrus Home Pest Control but I'm sure there are others available. Products containing the orange oil have a very low loxicity rating or threat towards humans, beneficial insects, and pets. As with any product always follow instructions for use as noted on the product label or any instruction for usage noted with homemade remedies.

I noted a few links below containing Extention Service information and other articles I found regarding orange oil. By contacting your local Cooperative Extension Service you may find that they will have other information regarding the benefits of using orange oil in the garden.

Hopefully this has helped to answer your question.


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