Dead Gardenia Bush?

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Hi, This winter was rather cold and I've noticed that two out of our three gardenia bushes have no leaves and appear to be dead. Do you think they are dead or are they in hibernation until fall? The previous three years they haven't lost any leaves throughout the winter, but this year they lost all of them.

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Answer #1 · Stephen Whatley's Answer · Hi Nicole.Unfortunately this past winter was very harsh for plants across the entire country.Gardenias especially.A good start would be to check the integrity of the plant through a few simple steps.First off,check to see if there are any signs of life.Is there any new growth on the branches trying to push through.If not,use something, your fingernail, a knife,or anything that can help you peel back a small layer of the outer bark off a few of the branches.If you see that this layer shows to be green then that is a good sign they may be ok.If it appears to be brown or black in color then it's a good possibility that the plant has suffered to much cold damage to come back to life and you may want to replace it.)

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Josh Honeycutt

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Or it could be a pet marking its spot. That has happen to me.

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Answer #3 · Stephen Whatley's Answer · Trim back the branches to the point of the green.Adding a bit of fertilizer,about a palm size amount,around the plants should help them begin recovery.Good weather conditions along with a quick release fertilizer should yeild fairly fast results.Good luck.I hope this helps.)

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Answer #2 · Nicole's Answer · Thanks! I don't think it's animals bc we have very few strays around and the bushes are by the front of the house. I scratched the base of one bush today and it is very green. Should I trim back the dead branches and wait for it to reemerge? How long will that take?)

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