Ranunculus Not Thriving

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I bought theses potted ranunculus plants a week ago at the nursery. Watering every other day and have in full sun? What am i doing wrong??

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi ali-The ranunculus are cool season perennials and do well this time of year as long as they recieve plenty of full sun light, cool temperatures, and are planted in a well draining soil. It looks as though you are growing this ranunculus indoors. Placing it near any window may not be giving the plant enough direct sunlight. If indoors a south or west facing window is best. Full direct sunlight most of the day is best. Doing well in cooler temperatures you need to make sure the plant is not near any heating vent or the room is not too warm. In the home dry warm temperatures much over 60 degrees may be too warm. The potting soil needs to be well draining. Pots should always have drain holes in the bottom. I noticed your pot is sitting a dish. The dish should always be emptied of any water after watering the plant. If water is left in the dish the soil will continually absorb water keeping the soil too moist.The ranunculus does not like to be overwatered as this can cause rotting of the tuber and roots. Like most bulb or tuberous plants too saturated a soil can be a real killer. Only water your ranunculus when the soil begins to dry out. After looking at your picture and noting the yellowing and wilting of the leaves I'm thinking this plant is not getting enough direct sunlight and may be getting too much water keeping the soil too wet or saturated. One deep watering, till water runs out the bottom of the pot, a week may be enough to keep the soil moist but not wet. I would try and relocate the plant in a cool, sunny location, and hold up on watering until the soil drys out somewhat before watering again. Hopefully the leaves will stop wilting and perk up with less watering. While blooming you can fertilize with a liquid flower fertilizer at 1/2 strength every couple of weeks.

Let me know if you feel the amount of light and moisture may be the problem and please ask if you have any other questions.


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