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I have two large pots that are up against my garage wall and would like to grow a espaliade or a vine to grow up the wall with out any kind a hardware that needs to be screwed into my brick. We get plenty of sun and some shade. I live in zone 9. I have read that a fig vine may destroy the brick. So any suggestions.


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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Rita-The creeping fig is a great evergreen covering for walls but personally I would not use it on my home. It definitely adhears itself to most block or brick walls but is extremely hard to remove if any thing has to be done to the home or the pot it is growing in will need to be moved. Any of the creeping fig I have grown also developed large root systems that I don't believe would work well in a pot for several years. If growing in pots I would most likely be inclined to grow plants that can be moved or taken away from the wall if need be for any reason. There are many different types of trellises that can be used to support large plants you may want to climb or espalier. The amount of sunlight or shade will determine what plants will work best for you. Planting against a wall can also add to the amount of heat that is produced in this location (reflected heat). I am located in zone 9 also and have listed below some plant files of plants I have grown in pots with some sort of support for them. In some cases I have easily run wire from a stake in the pot to the eves of my home for plants to climb or be attached to. Removing the eve end of the wires can easily be done it the plant needs to be moved or work on the home has to be done. Most of these plants will take full sun, morning sun/ afternoon shade, morning shade/ afternoon sun. I also noted a link to an article on how to espalier plants and vines. This article will also give you a list of some plants and vines you may be interested in. You might even be interested in espaliered fruit trees and shrubs. Many of the plants I listed can also be found easily already espaliered at your better nurseries and garden centers already attached and trained on trellises. This gives you a great start at covering your wall. There are many other plants you could use such as the clematis which I really like but these and others I have found are harder to get started when planted in pots. These plants require soils that can be kept moist and continually stay cool which at times is hard to accomplish when planted in pots that may be in direct sunlight parts or all of the day. When planting in pots it is important to make sure the pots have drain holes in the bottom. Most plants need well draining soils. Too wet or saturated soils will harm most plants you want to grow for some years in the pot. My favorites on the list are the Pink Bower vine, Pink Jasmine vine, and Cape Honeysuckle. These have been easily grown both in ground and in pots along with being easily care for and easily pruned to keep in bounds. Just click on the links below to go directly to the article and plant files.

Hopefully this has helped. Please ask if you have any other questions.


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