Carpenter Bees

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Anything organic I can plant or spray to help get rid of carpenter bees? They're tearing up my porch!

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Jessica-This is a good question but a problem that is not easily solved organically. You and most of us gardeners do not like to use pesticides as they are harmful to humans and to beneficial polinators such as the Carpenter Bee. Without these pollinators our gardens would not have the bountiful crops and flowering they do. Doing some research I found that a natural and highly effective alternative to pesticides consists of blends of citrus oils. Almond oil and almond essence placed around the nests will also help to repel the carpenter bees. A few products I found are Citri Fresh Bee Stop and Outlast NBS 30. I also read where some use the Outlast NBS 30 in conjunction with Q8 Log Oil and have very good results around their wood structures such as log homes. Besides these natural remedies good preventative measures such as keeping wood painted well and using material such as window screen taped over the bee holes will help. Once the bees have left the area in a few weeks you can then repair or fill the holes with a wood putty then paint the repairs. The few products I found may be available in some local stores but if not I found them on the internet easily.

Hopefully this has helped. Let me know if you use any of these products and if they were of any help.


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