How To Care For And Grow Selaginella Emmeliana Spikemoss

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what type of light does it need

how often do i water it

during grow season does it need to be fertilized

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Alyn-Selaginella should be kept in filtered light or shade as any direct sunlight can easily scorch the leaves. As far as watering goes this plant needs to be kept moist. The soil need to be kept moist but never dripping wet. The soil should also never be allowed to dry out. If planted in a container it should be planted in a quality acidic planting mix, one you would use for plants such as azaleas or other acid loving plants. Make sure the pot has drainage holes in the bottom so it is never sitting in saturated soil. The plant likes a humid environment so if planted in a pot you can set the pot on a dish with pebbles and filled with water. Make sure the water is below the top of the pebbles so that the pot isn't sitting in water and continually absorbing any water keeping the soil too wet. Misting the foliage or using a spray bottle to water the plant a couple of times a week will also help to provide a more humid environment leaving droplets on the foliage that evaporate adding moisture to the air around the plant. Planted outdoors make sure to add some organic material to the soil so that it is well draining but able to hold moisture keeping the soil moist. Planting near other shade and moisture loving plants will also help provide the shade and more humidity around the plant. Many grow this plant as a house plant. It is a great looking plant for terrariums as they can create a perfect humid environment. Normally the Selaginella doesn't require a lot of fertilization. I would probably fertilize this plant every month during its growing season with a liquid houseplant fertilizer using about 1/2 the recommended rate. You don't want to burn or scorch the leaves with too much fertilizer.

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