Landscape Design Ideas For Home And Front Yard In South New Jersey

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I purchased a home in South NJ, not far from Long Beach Island, back in December 2014. I haven't had time to "pretty up" the front yard due to planning a wedding, and now that I'll be making it down the aisle in about a month, its time to start figuring out what I should do! Any tips would be wonderful! Thanks!


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Answer #2 ·'s Answer · If you're really serious about having a nice landscape that will compliment your home and tremendously enhance the value of your property, I'd always suggest working with a local, experienced landscape designer or architect. Always make sure to check references and take a look at some of the properties that the designer has done. Not just recent properties but older ones as well. That way you can get an idea of whether or not the designer really knows their plants. Some designers will overcrowd plants and put the wrong size plants in the wrong place. But that's why I say a reputal, experienced designer is important. If you want to do it yourself, there's an excellent book at there called The Home Landscaper that contains many sample designs which are great for getting ideas. The links John provided will be helpful as well. Here's a link to the book I recommend...

Let us know if you have any other questions.


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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Andrew-Before deciding what plants with look pleasing, survive in your location, enhance the beauty or your already beautiful home, and meet all your desires there are several things to think about. Some things may already be installed but any hardscape, irrigation, and electrical for outdoor lighting or electrical outlets needs to be done prior to any planting. Many of your desires such as trees, shrubs, groundcovers, flower and foliage coloring, and amount of time you want to put into maintaining your landscape all play a part in designing a nice landscape. Type of soil, amount of sunlight, your hardiness zone, availability of irrigation if needed all play a part in designing a landscape that will last for years. I noted a few articles that will help with things you want to think about before starting your landscaping on your own. Just click on the links below to go directly to the articles. It is best not to start planting until you have a fairly good overal plan as to how you would want your landscape to look. You don't want to remove or replace plants down the road that may not fit in an area when mature or work as good companion plants to others that are planted at different times. Creating a landcape on your own can be extremely rewarding and less frustrating when you know how to start and what things need to be thought out prior to developing a plan. If you decide you need some help with the designing of your landscape there are many professionals available. Your local quality nurseries or garden centers may also have landscape services. It is always beneficial if possible to find other landscapes in the area you like and find out who may have developed those landscapes. Referrels from those happy with their landscapes are usually companies you will be happy with. If using a landscape designer it is important they are interested in meeting your needs and desires and not just theirs. You should never be hesitant to bring up your likes and dislikes regarding plants whether you or they feel they may be insignificant. A good professional landscaper wants to know, not matter how small, everything that will make your landscaping one you will enjoy, meets all your desires, lasts for many years and one you are proud to show others. Once you have an idea as to how much plantings you would like in front of the home including possibly lawn area and trees it will help to come up with some suggestions for plants that will survive well in you area. A plot plant showing dimensions of the home and planting areas will help to pick plants that will fit the planting location. Please ask if you have any questions after reading many of the tips in the articles on designing your landscape.


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