Is There Anything That Can Done To Prevent Weeds On Driveways And Sidewalks?

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Please delete if not allowed. Our property has ashe for our driveways and little road instead of asphalt or concrete, is there anything we can do to prevent the weeds from growing. They just completely took over areas of the property. Thank you.

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Melinda-For spot treatment of weeds that are already present I would use Hi-Yield Super Concentrate Killzall Weed and Grass Killer or other post-emergent, non-selective herbicide which can be found at most nurseries and garden centers. To avoid drift of spray to desirable plants and lawns avoid spraying when the wind is blowing. In late winter or early spring you can use a pre-emergent weed killer that will keep new weeds from germinating. The pre-emergent weed killers can be found in liquid or in granular form. Hi-Yield Herbicide Granuals, Amaze, Surflan, and Trimec Classic are just a few you may be able to find at your local quality nursery or farm supply. There are some weed killers that are longer lasting such as Ortho Triox Ground Clear but should only be used in areas that you want zero vegetation far enough away from any other plants. You definitely want to take care when spraying and follow application instructions carefully as these weed killers do not distinguish between weeds, lawns, flowers, shrubs, and trees.

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Melinda Marsh

Melinda Marsh · Gardenality Seedling · Zone 6A · -10° to -5° F
We've used the Ground Clear before but it hasn't worked to keep them away, ugh! I'll have to see about the pre-emergent ones this year.

4 years ago ·
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Maple Tree

Maple Tree · Gardenality Genius · Zone 10A · 30° to 35° F
Not sure if the area is too large to clear and put down landscape cloth first. I have areas of gravel that I put down the cloth first then the gravel. This really helps to keep the weeds from coming up. I only have to spot spray once in a while when one does pop up. The pre emergent herbicides should work well with only some spot spraying at times.

4 years ago ·
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Melinda Marsh

Melinda Marsh · Gardenality Seedling · Zone 6A · -10° to -5° F
I just saw your other comment, lol. The area is too large and too compacted. I'm not sure which of these products would be best for such a large area, ugh! I did buy something for the miniature rose bed, but I'm still in the process of pulling out all the grassy stuff by hand.

3 years ago ·
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