How to determine square feet of a lawn

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I am getting ready to sod my lawn, what is the best way to determine the square feet of my lawn?

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · That's pretty simple Boris.


First take a measurement in feet of the length of your lawn. Write this down. Then take a measurement of the width of your lawn. Write this down. The multiply these two numbers together to get your total square feet. For example, if your lawn area is 100 feet in length and 50 feet in width your equation would look like this: 100 X 50 = 5,000 (Total Square Feet).

If you have more than one area of lawn in your yard determine the square feet of each area individually. Then add these together to determine total square feet of lawn area in your yard.


1 - Measure the diameter of the circle in feet. The diameter is the distance from one side of the circle, through the center to the opposite side.

2 - Divide the diameter by two to calculate the radius. If the diameter is 20 feet, for example, the radius is 10 feet.

3 - Multiply the radius by itself and multiply by 3.14 to find the area in square feet. The lawn with a 50-foot radius contains 7850 square feet (50 x 50 x3.14 = 7850 total square feet).


1 - Measure the long diameter, the greatest distance across the lawn from one side to the other through the center of the lawn, in feet. Divide by 2 for the long radius.

2 - Measure the short diameter, the shortest distance from one side to the other through the center, in feet. Divide by 2 for the short radius

3 - Multiply the long radius by the short radius by 3.14 to find the area of the lawn. For example, if the long radius is 30 feet and the short radius is 10 feet, the area of the room is 942 square feet (30 x 10 x 3.14 = 942 total square feet).

Hope this helped. By the way, where are you from? Do you live in Georgia, USA?)

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