Perennials In A Citrus Bed

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I have two citrus trees in my backyard. They are in a bed separated from the rest of the yard by stone pavers and I was wondering if it was possible to plant perennials in the same bed as the citrus trees. I know I can't plant near within the trees canopy but I was hoping to put some type of perennials around the edge of the bed. Any suggestions on a perennial that has a very short root system and is compatible with a lemon tree and an orange tree?. Thank you for your help.

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Diane-This is a great question. I live in a community that was built on land where lemon and orange tree orchards were grown for many years. Many of the trees where left and are wonderful trees that do well in our landscapes. Citrus trees work well in most any landscapes. Their beautiful evergreen foliage, blossoms, fragrance, and colorful fruit really add to landscape plantings. I have used many perennials around and under the canopy of these trees with no problem at all. I do water the trees deeply at times which they need instead of the quick every day sprinkler water the other plants get. A few times a year I also fertilize with citrus food when fertilizing the other plants with a ballanced shrub and tree fertilizer. If you have other plants in the area you would like to compliment give me their names. If you give me your city and state I can look up your hardiness zone which will determine what plants will grow well in your location. Is the area in full sun or shaded during parts of the day? Many plants that like the shade will do well under the canopy of the citrus also. Many of our citrus trees are also growing in a grassy park area. As long as the grass is kept a couple of feet away from the trunks and no mulch is put up against their trunks the trees do well also. Do you have any height or width requirements for the plants you would like? Are you looking for flowering shrubs, evergreens, and are diciduous plants OK? Let me know some answers to these questions and I will give you some plant ideas you may be interested in looking at.

Please ask if you have any other questions.


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