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I just dug up some Snow on the Mountain and re-planted them elsewhere in the yard, they are pretty tall (6 feet), should I clip off the branches since all the leaves are dead? I'm afraid they may not survive even though I am watering them a lot.

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Kathi-I grew a couple Snow Bushes for some years but last year a couple of feezing nights killed them. They are a tropical plant and do well in zone 10 but suffer when the temperatures get below 50 degrees F. They grow fairly fast putting out stems that get long with the shrub looking a little leggy. Every year in early spring I cut out any winter damaged stems. Stems that are still living I cut back to about 3 feet. During the growing season I pinch off the tips of the new growth which encourages new growth keeping the plants fuller. I always kept my shrubs pruned at about 4 feet tall. When you cut the stems back cut just above a leaf node so you don't get a couple of inches of dead stem above the new growth. I have never had a problem cutting my shrubs back each year as they always recovered quickly. The Snow Bush does like to be kept moist but not too wet. With very few leaves the plant won't require a lot of water at this time. Just keep it moist but don't let the soil become saturated. This plants needs to be planted in a well draining soil that doesn't hold too much water. If you got most of the root system when you dug them up they should recover. Cutting them back will help as all the growth they have now may be hard for the plant to support until it reestablishes its roots in the new location.

Let me know how you make out and please ask if you have any other questions.


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