Grass Seed For Shaded Areas

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What type of grass seed will grow under tree shaded areas in Georgia clay?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Dean-This is a good question. The answer will depend on the amount of shade the area gets and whether or not the grass will have to compete with possibly any heavy surface tree roots. Very few lawn grasses will do well when grown in to dense a shade. How you want your lawn to look, how much maintenance will be needed, and how the lawn will be used (decorative or possibly heavy traffic) will also determine the type of seed you want to plant. Is the area heavily shaded, or partially shaded at times of the day? What Georgia city are you located in? I am located on the west coast but have friends with nurseries, landscaping, and lawn maintenance companies in Georgia that can help with this question also. Knowing what type of trees are shading the area will help also to answer your question. I noted a few links below that can help you choose the grass that may do well for you. One link will take you to a question asked by another member regarding the right grass for Georgia that may help. I know the Georgia clay soil should also be amended for any of the lawns to do well. I also noted a few links regarding clay soils and how to amend them also before planting.

For professional help with your question, grass seed, sod, and products you will need for a beautiful lawn you can contact Wilson Bros. Nursery in McDonough Ga.. They have been great in helping me acquire quality products and professional help when needed.

Let me know the answers to the few questions and if the articles were of some help. Please don't hesitate to ask any other questions you may have also.


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