How To Fertilize An Adrian's Japanese Maple?

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How to fertilize an Adrian's Japanese maple?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Skip-As a Japanese maple collector I have found these trees do not require much fertilization. Maintaining a low lever of fertility will keep these trees healthy all year long. Avoid using lawn fertilizers or those high in nitrogen. Too much nitrogen causes fast growth which can weaken the trees. Most Japanese maples are slow growers and will develop thicker stems and trunks when allowed to grow normally and not forced. If your tree is newly planted I would hold up doing any fertilization the first year. Most of these young trees have been fertilized by the grower and won't need much their first year. You also don't want to burn a younger tree that hasn't had time to establish itself. It is important to fertilize at the right time of the year. I normally fertilize in the spring after the last freezing temperatures and new growth has appeared. Fertilizing too early or too late in the year can force quick new growth that can be damaged by these freezing temperatures. You can fertilize with both liquid or granular fertilizers. The granular fertilizers should always be a slow or controlled release type of fertilizer. I like using Osmocote as it is easily found in most nurseries and garden centers. When fertilizing with a slow release fertilizer I only fertilize once in late spring as this will normally be all the trees need during the year. When using this type of fertilizer poke holes in areas around the tree half way between the trunk and the dip line. Add the fertilizer to these holes. If spread around the soils surface make sure to work the fertilizer into the top 1 or 2 inches of soil. This fertilizer need to be keep consistantly moist in order to activate it making it easily picked up by the roots. General purpose fertilizer plant stakes can also be used. Always read and treat as noted on the products instruction label. I don't normally use liquid fertilizers as they are taken up quickly by the trees and can force growth more quickly than needed. I have tried the liquid Dyna-Gro 7-9-5 General Purpose Formula on many of my potted trees and it has worked well without over feeding them. I found several Japanese Maple growers have had good results with this fertilizer also. The Dyna-Gro I use once a month during a watering. I live in a very warm climate. Because of this even though most of my trees receive afternoon shade they still get some burning or scorching of the leaf tips by the middle of summer. Three years ago I started using the Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt 0-0-3 Silicon Solution on all my potted trees after reading growers had good success with this product making their maples more sun and heat resistant. Last year again using this Silicone solution added to my watering my trees have shown much less burning which has given me much more colorful trees in the fall. I noted a few links below to articles on the Fertilization of Japanese Maples and How I have made my Maples more heat resistant. Just click on the links to go directly to the articles.

Adrian's Compact is really a nice tree. It took me some time to find one but finally did last year. The red leaf coloring in the spring and fall is beautiful. Now that it is getting warmer the leaves will turn more green. Below is a picture of my tree. I also really like the more compact form as it fits well into smaller spots around my patios.

Please ask if you have any other questions.


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