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My two 6' Carolina Sapphire Cypress trees look shriveled and bleached out. They were planted last April by a professional and have been simply beautiful until a couple of weeks ago. I live in central Texas and we have been having many days of temps in the high 90's and full sun but got 2" of rain earlier this week. They were also deep watered off and on after planting but it rained so often back then that watering was hardly needed. I don't see any pests on them. This change seems sudden and looks very bad.
Any ideas about what is happening?
Thanks for any ideas you can give me.
PJ Moore

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Answer #3 · PJ Moore's Answer · I took 5 good photos but don't see the camera logo that ordinarily means one can add a picture. Did the soil test. It was not dry as a bone, but wouldn't hold together when squeezed. I really need to send you the pics.)

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Maple Tree

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PJ-To the right of your name below your original question you will see 'Upload a Picture' in blue text. Click on this and you will see where you can find and upload the pictures you have saved on your computer.

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Answer #2 · PJ Moore's Answer · Awesome, John. I'll get a good close up for you and post it. Thanks, PJ)

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi PJ-The Carolina Sapphire cypress is quite hardy and has very little problem with insects or disease. Look closely for any spots, yellow or brown, on limbs and foliage. Look closely for any signs of white or brown cocoons or white spider like webs on the foliage. These would be some indications that insects are present. Yellowing or browning of the foliage can also be an indication of some sort of fungal disease. You mentioned the foliage was shriveled and bleached out. Does the foliage look as though it is wilting? Is the foliage turning yellow or brown? Is this discoloration showing up on the entire tree or just a few limbs? Normally the only problems that occur when establishing a newly planted cypress is associated with the amount of water the plant is getting. Newly planted cypress require a well draining soil but one that is kept moist during their first growing season. Once establised this cypress is drought resistant along with being able to handle a fair amount of water at times without any problems. The soil should never stay too wet or dry. Too dry a soil will cause the foliage to wilt become brown, dry, and eventually die. With too much water the foliage can look wilted and will turn yellow then brown. Too much water can cause fungal disease and root rot which will slowly cause the tree to slowly decline and die if conditions stay too wet. I know central Texas has recieved a lot of rain again this year. Temperatures have been hot also. Because of this I would first check soil moisture. Does your soil drain well or does the rain puddle somewhat with a lot of rain? I know parts of Central Texas have well draining soil but other parts have a clay soil that can become hard when dry but can hold too much water at times when wet. Dig down 6 to 8 inches in spots around the plants' root ball. The soil should feel cool and moist but never too wet or dry. Watering these plants deeply once or twice a week is best as you have been doing. These hot temperatures though can quickly dry the soil out especially if the soil is well draining. Mulching around the trees a couple on inches deep will help to keep water from evaporating to quickly. I'm thinking with the foliage looking a little pale and possibly wilting or floppy looking the problem may be too wet a soil along with high humidity. Check first the soil moisture and let me know what you find. Along with answering these few questions a picture of the trees and an up close picture of the foliage may help to find the problem. Above this and to the right of your name below your question you will see where you can upload any pictures you have saved on your computer. After your reply I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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