Help With My Colossus Elephant Ear Plant..I Think It Was Sprayed With Lawn Chemical

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This plant has been thriving all summer. It's close to 6 feet tall and the pride of my garden. The lawn care company treated the yard yesterday. I noticed this morning that some of the ears are drooped never and touching the ground. I think the spray might have gotten on them. Help! Is there a way to save them?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Melissa-Hosing off the leaves and watering well will hopefully wash any herbicides from the leaves and help to leach them through the soil more quickly. Unfortunately if this was a liquid weed and feed type of lawn treatment or just a herbicide of some kind that was applied there isn't much you can do at this time. I would contact the lawn maintenance company and find out what product they had used. Finding out what chemicals make up the product they used may help to know how harmful they may be to the elephant ear. Some broadleaf herbicides can harm or kill plants also besides the weeds in the lawn. Weed and feed lawn fertilizers whether liquid or granular can harm plants if allowed to leach into landscaped areas with rain or irrigation. Besides the weed killing chemicals these fertilizers are normally high in nitrogen which can harm some plants by burning. For the elephant ear to wilt so quickly I'm thinking their treatment included weed killing chemicals that can be absorbed by the leaves fairly quickly then taken to the root system. Some lawn care companies may be using pre emergent herbicides that can quickly be taken up by plants roots which can harm most plants and flowers in your gardens. Let me know if you are able to find the name of the product they had used. I would also notify this company of the problem you have and find out if they feel their product could have caused damage to this plant. Most good companies are very careful when applying these types of fertilizers and or herbicides. These types of products should never be used any time there is even the slightest amount of wind.


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