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How long until a gallon produces? Thanks
(Also do you have the pineapple guava plants)

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Campbell-Seedlings grown from seed can take up to 4 years before they start bearing fruit. Most nursery grown pomegranates are propagated from cuttings. Pomegranate shrubs or trees grown from cuttings and are a 1 gallon size or larger are most likely already 2 to 3 years old. Most varieties at this age are ready for fruit production. The larger the size of container or the older the plants are will determine the amount of fruit the plant will produce the first few years after planting. When ordering your tree the nursery should be able to give you the plants age and size.

Plants are not sold here on Gardenality. When on any plant file in Gardenality you can click on the 'Buy It' tab at the top of the plant file page. There you will find nurseries that carry this plant. I checked on the Russian 26 Pomegranate file and found Wilson Bros. Gardens has this pomegranate available. I have ordered products from this nursery several times and have found their quality and service exceptional. They are very helpful along with products packaged well with fast shipping. I noted a link below to the site. Just click on the link to go directly to the Russian 26 Pomegranate page.

I have grown the Pineapple quava now for some years and really like this tree. I have two multi-trunk trees that have made great medium size trees for my garden. This time of the year the fruit is ready to pick either by me or the squirrels. If you have squirrels you will have to be fast as they can get to the fruit much quicker than you possibly can. I enjoy having our birds and squirrels to watch. These trees make for interesting watching of the squirrels in the spring and fall. Both the birds and squirrels love eating the flower petals which you can also put on salads and other items as a garnish.
I spoke to Wilson Bros. Nursery last year about the Pineapple Guava and believe at that time they had received some of these trees. Below I noted the link to their site. You can check with them to see if the tree is available at this time.

Please ask if you have any other questions.


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