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How do I replant Baby Tears to my garden. I want to use it as a ground cover for my mini garden outside.
I bought 2 batches of them from Home Depot

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Donna-I use the Baby Tears as groundcover in most of my shaded or filtered shade gardens. It transplants easily and grows and fills in an area quickly. I'm assuming you purchased the Baby Tears in flats. You can use a knife and cut the flats into 2" squares. Plant these squares approximately 4" apart. If you have enough plants and you are planting a small area you can plant the squares closer together. Of course the closer you plant them the faster the plants will spread and cover your garden. Once the plants have covered the area you are planting you can always dig up small patches to transplant to other area in your landscape. I like using this ground cover in pots also along with other plants. I really like the way it cascades over the rim of the pots. Before planting loosen up the top few inches of soil adding some organic matter or planting mix to keep soil loose especially if it is a clay soil. Baby Tears should be planted in a well lit shaded area or filtered shade. Morning direct sunlight is fine but the plants will not take any hot afternoon direct sunlight without burning out. Keep your plants moist but never too wet or dry. Once established which will only take a few weeks watering a couple of times a week is normally all my Baby Tears need. I noted the link below to the Baby Tears plant file in Gardenality. There you find the plants characteristics and some pictures of a few planters I have with this groundcover. Just click on the link to go directly to the plant file.

I added a picture of a small planter I have had Baby Tears growing in for a couple of years. Approximately 5 weeks ago I easily raked out the old plants and transferred small patches from another area to this planter. As you can see the Baby Tears grows and fills in quickly once the temperatures are above 50 degrees during the day.

Please ask if you have any other questions.


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