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Have10 one year old hedge the end one is turning yellow, what could it be? is it a problem?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Vincent-Leaves on the Schip Laurel turning yellow can be caused by several things. Insect damage, nutrient deficiency, and or too little or too much water is normally the cause of yellowing leaves. Has this plant been yellowing just recently or has it always always been lighter in color compared to the others since being planted? Were these plants container grown or were they balled and burlapped? Does this end plant get more or less direct sunlight than the others in the hedge? I would first dig down 6 to 8 inches in areas around the root ball and check the soil moisture. The soil should feel cool and moist but not wet or dry. Too much water can cause root rot and or fungal disease which can cause leaves to yellow and eventually drop. Roots that may be sitting in saturated soil are also unable to take up nutrients such as nitrogen and iron needed for green growth. With all the other plants doing well I'm assuming nutient deficiency isn't the problem unless you find the soil is too wet. If you find the soil is somewhat dry this also can cause yellowing of the leaves. If the leaves have turned yellow resently drough may be the problem. Dry soil conditions can cause yellowing fairly quickly. Sap sucking insects can cause yellowing also. Check the upper and undersides of the leaves closely for any signs of insects or spotting on the leaves. Insects may be small and look like tinny spots or may have possibly laid eggs on the undersides of the leaves. If there are no signs of insects I would think soil moisture is the problem. With this plant being at the end of the hedge is it possible water may drain to or away from this area. Possibly water drains from this area or gets more direct sunlight drying this area more so than the rest of the hedge. If you can check the soil moisture and answer the few questions it may help to indicate the problem of yellowing. You can reply with you answers using the 'comments about this answer' box below this answer. I noted a link below to a previously asked question and answer regarding the yellowing of another members Schip Laurel that may help also. If you would like you can upload a picture of the yellowing laurel. Above this answer and to the right of your name below your question you will see where you can upload any picture you have saved on your computer. A picture of the entire plant and a close up of the yellowing leaves may help also to determine the cause of the yellowing.

Let me know your findings and please don't hesitate to ask any other questions you may have.


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