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How to care for? I received as a gift over a year ago. Bloomed beautifully. Had many offshoots that I replanted but that is is. Looks terrible. Cannot figure. Doesn't die so I keep hanging on to them. Don't think it's for me.

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Marcelle-Don't feel bad if your bromeliad starts to die. These plants will only live for a year or so and die back after flowering. Although they are not long lived they will normally, as you have seen, produce offsets, or pups, that you can remove when large enough to breack away from the mother plant. These can then be planted to start new plants. The problem most people have with the bromeliads is giving them too much water that can cause rotting of the plants. The sword shaped leaves grow around a central cup. In their natural environment this cup catches water from the rain. The plants should be watered filling this cup at the base of the leaves. The bromeliads do not need to be planted in a deep container or thick potting soils as they get the moisture they need through the leaves. They do well in shallow pots using a soil such as an orchid mix. Any water that collects in the pot and leaf cups should be emptied out once a week to remove any debris, insects, and stagnant water. During the plants growing season they should be fertilized monthly with a half strength fertilizer. Make sure the pot they are growing in has drainage holes in the bottom. Roots growing in too wet a soil is the largest problem causing decline of the plants health and eventually death.

Please ask if you have any other questions.


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