How Do I Kill Young Elm Trees?

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We have elm trees that spring up around our place, especially on our fence lines. How do you get rid of them when they have gotten too big to pull out but they are too small to drill into and put anything in them to kill them?

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Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Melinda-If the tree seedlings are still small you can spray the foliage with glyphosate or a broadleaf weed killer. Roundup works well for me. The chemical will be taken in through the leaves and goes directly to the roots killing the tree. You can also cut off the tree at ground level and paint the stump with full strength roundup or a stump killer available at most nurseries or garden centers. The chemicals should be applied to the stump immediately after cutting the tree off. Another effective method is to apply the chemical into notches made by downward cuts that go just below the outer bark of the tree. This area of the tree contains the phloem that carries water and nutrients from the top of the tree to the roots. Chemicals applied in this area move directly to the roots killing them. Some new sprouts may develop from the existing roots for awhile but their foliage should be sprayed when still young to keep them from developing into a size you are having to deal with now. Hopefully this will work for you. Let me know how you make out. If any of these trees are large enough to keep you from planting or gardening in the area you can cut the trees off at ground level and have someone grind out the stump. Stump grinders are available for rent at most equipment rental yards and some of the box stores such as Home Depot if you want to do this yourself.


Maple Tree Answered by Maple Tree 11 months, 1 week ago
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