Bell Pepper Plant With Blooms But No Fruit

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hi my pepper plant are a very health the produce blomms and all but they do not turn in too a bell pepper. can i use super thrive or what do i thought that maybe the soil was high in nitrogen but i`ve read that is good so maybe not enough

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · It could be several things that are causing your bell pepper plants to bloom but not set fruit. Some hot pepper varieties will tolerate the heat and set fruit much better than sweet or bell peppers. Not sure why.

My first guess is that it's the high temperatures we've been having. The blooms get sticky and pollination can't occur. Usually, when temperatures cool down for a while, some fruit will set.

The other thing has to do with having planted peppers too early in the season, when nighttime temps are too cool and soil temperatures have not warmed up enough (to 70 degrees F or above). Planting too early can stunt growth long term and lead to poor production throughout the season. I don't think this is the problem with your peppers because it sounds like your plants are healthy and are not stunted?

Anyway, I'd give them some time because once the day air temps cool off a bit they should set fruit.)

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