How To Control Nut Grass In The Lawn And Garden

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How do you get rid of Nut Grass? I think we've used everything imaginable. It's is taking over a corner of my veggie garden.

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Just wanted to provide an update on a new product that I've used to effectively kill Nutsedge in lawns and landscape beds. It is not safe for use in vegetable gardens. This new product is made by Hi-Yield and is called Nutsedge Control. I sprayed it on nutsedge growing in my Centipede lawn last year and within a week it started to discolor the nutsedge, and within two weeks the nutsedge was all dead, with no damage to the lawn. Finally, a product that actually works with one application!

We stock this product at Wilso Bros Nursery but if you're looking for a place to buy it online here's a source:

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · Have you tried Image Nutsedge Killer? This is what I would recommend for controlling nutsedge/nutgrass, but only for use in the lawn. I don't spray chemicals in my vegetable garden so would recommend hand pulling the one's growing there. Maybe put down some type of landscape fabric for future control? If so, make sure it's a porous type that breathes, allowing both water and fertilizer to pass through.)

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Sandy McGinnis

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We've used Image on it outside the vegetable garden and have hand pulled it in the garden but that darn stuff just spreads so bad.
We're not doing a vegetable garden this year due to other unfinished projects and plan to support our Georgia growers up at the Farmers Market this year. We are going to try for a winter garden, if not start back up next spring. If we used Image in the veggie garden this summer you think I'm safe for next year?

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I know the nutgrass is a tough one. You might have to do 2 applications a month or so apart. Then stay on top of spraying any new sprigs that pop up. I think it says this on the label? I'm not at the nursery at the moment or would take a look. I think you should be safe in the veggie garden for next year. Most of the chemical should have leached out of the soil by then. In the meantime, till the soil in the garden several times throughout this season trying to remove all the nutgrass and nutlets. Eventually you'll beat them.

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