Years For A Muscadine Vine To Produce Fruit

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Our muscadine vines are in their 2nd year...when should they produce fruit?

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · First, to produce fruit, Summit Muscadine requires another variety of muscadine for pollination. I usually suggest planting 3 or more varieties to ensure good pollination. Ison's Nursery is a great source for muscadines and for information about various varieties and growing them. I don't get anything for providing their name. Ison's is probably the world's leading authority on muscadines.

Regarding how long it takes for muscadines to start producing fruit, this depends on the age of the plant when it was planted in your garden. Bare root plants are one year old. Potted 1 or two gallon plants are usually to 2 years old. It usually takes a few years for muscadines to start producing and maybe a few more before you see a bumper crop. An established and well cared for muscadine vine can produce up to 50 pounds of fruit in a single season in a good year. If you have a pollinator(s), and with whatever size you planted, you should see fruit by next year.

You might also want to do a little research on pruning muscadines. Here's a link to an article in Gardenality about pruning them:

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