Use A Liner To Contain Invasive Bog Plants

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I am planning to put Horse Tail Grass, Corkscrew Rush, Pitcher Plant and other bog-type plants in a bog garden in middle TN. They will get evening sun. We are digging down 12 inches putting a liner and mixing sand/peatmoss for medium. Does anyone have any thoughts on if these plants will "make" it in this environment. Thanks.

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Answer #1 ·'s Answer · I've never used a liner but it sounds like a good idea if you are wanting to keep these plants contained. Otherwise, plants such as the horse tail can be invasive and grow way out of bounds. I would suggest incorporating some of your native soil to the mix as well. Sand and peat moss alone may dry out quickly during hot weather and drought if there is no supplemental irrigation provided. The native soil should help to hold in more water. Regarding your hardiness zone and exposure to sun, the plants should grow well. In my own landscape, I have all of these plants planted either in my garden pond or in a bog garden that gets about half a day of sun and they do great. I have a liner in my garden pond, so I don't see why you couldn't use one the way you want to.)

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